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  • How do I join?
    Go to the “Login” page and click on “Signup”, read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. You will be sent a verification email to the email address you provided. Once you verify, you are part of the community.
  • How do I see my account information?
    After you login click on the favicon in the top right corner then click on My Account.
  • Who owns the photos I upload?
    You do. However you are providing with a license to your photos. For more details please see the Terms and Conditions here.
  • How do I add photos?
    Go to the Member Gallery tab and click on Add Media. This will automatically add your photo to both the Member Gallery and your Gallery in My Account. Please remember, unfortunately, we can't allow photos with people, and we might need to remove those if uploaded.
  • Where can I change my Profile Settings?
    Go to My Account by clicking on the favicon in the top right corner then click on My Account.
  • How do I delete a photos I have added?
    You can delete it either on the Member Gallery page or the Gallery page in My Account. Click on the three dots on the right top corner of the photo you wish delete and click delete.
  • Can I add text or a description to my photos?
    Yes. To add a description login into your account, click on the Member Gallery, find and click on the photo you would like to add a description to, on the top right corner click on "Add a description to this photo..."
  • Can I add or edit the alt text of my photo?
    What is "alt text"? Search engines cannot “read” an image, they search your site's code for text that describes the image. This text is known as “alt text”. Adding your own alt text to your images gives both visitors and search engines valuable information about your images. To add "alt text" to your photo, go to "My Account" by clicking the icon at the top right of any page, click on the "Gallery" tab, click the three dots on the photo you would like to add the "alt text", then just click on "Edit alt text"
  • Can I download photos from your website?
    Unfortunately, downloading photos is currently disabled. Photographers prefer folks only grab the photos they uploaded themselves.
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