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Farm land country photo

In my earlier years, I immersed myself in photography, straddling the line between amateur and semi-professional. As a teenager, I assisted wedding photographers and then I ventured into small events like birthdays and second (or third) weddings. However, as the demands of family and career grew, my camera lay dormant, only capturing fleeting moments in family snapshots.

Recently, amidst a calmer period in my life, I felt the familiar tug of photography calling me back. Determined to rekindle my passion, I sought guidance from a close friend working in a renowned camera company. I was met with a surprising perspective—he questioned the necessity of traditional camera equipment when modern cellphones boast remarkable capabilities.

Confused, I prodded him for an explanation. Turns out, he ditched his bulky equipment for his phone, claiming it's all he needs. Challenge accepted! I plunged into photography once more, this time armed with my cellphone camera.

I embraced photography once more, this time with a fresh perspective. Yet, in my exploration, I discovered a notable gap in available resources. While numerous platforms cater to photography enthusiasts and were saturated with resources on traditional gear, there was a conspicuous absence of dedicated spaces for cellphone photography, which has become an increasingly popular medium.

This realization ignited a desire to create a platform that celebrates the artistry of cellphone photography. Beyond the technicalities, this website aims to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the creative process and the unique perspective each photographer brings.

Here, we hope to prioritize the artistic essence of cell phone photography, recognizing that while technical knowledge is valuable, it is the creative eye that truly shapes captivating images. I invite you to join us in this endeavor, by using your cellphone to showcase your work, engage in constructive dialogue, and cultivate your artistic vision.


It is my hope that this website serves as a sanctuary for cellphone photographers, a space where they can share their work, exchange ideas, inspire one another, and foster a community of passionate individuals united by their love for photography. Whether a seasoned photographer or a newcomer to the craft, all are welcome to join in this journey of artistic exploration, embracing the unique perspective each individual brings.

Welcome to a community where creativity knows no bounds. Let's capture moments and inspire one another.


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